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An Amazon applicant who Jeff Bezos hired ‘on the spot’ shares 5 ways to ‘instantly impress’ during the job interview

By | Ann Hiatt |

I started my 12-year career at Google in 2006, where I held positions as chief of staff and executive business partner. Before that, I worked at Amazon as an executive business partner to Jeff Bezos.

After spending so much time with some of the world’s most successful and influential leaders, I learned what to look for in new candidates. In fact, Bezos hired me on the spot after my first interview with him in 2002.

Based on the hundreds of interviews I’ve conducted throughout my decades-long career, here are my top tips on how to instantly impress a hiring manager during the job interview:

1. Tell unforgettable stories behind your hobbies and interests

The people I hired or worked with at Google were proudly quirky. They had interesting hobbies, depths of knowledge, and passions outside of their jobs.

But they did more than just say “I like to garden” or “I love building furniture.” Instead, they would introduce how they came to love or develop interest in something through thoughtful and engaging ways.

For example, a candidate who was an avid rock climber talked about how it’s a meaningful activity because her dad had always dreamed of climbing Mount Everest, but never got the chance to — so now it’s one of her goals in life.

Whatever your hobbies or interests are, tell a story or experience about it that your interviewer won’t soon forget.

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