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An HR Guide to Mindfulness at Work

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According to a ‘Health at Work’ survey, about 80% of the employees reported being stressed at work and need help to manage it. An effective solution to this is Mindfulness at work. More and more organizations across the globe are now focusing on and promoting mindfulness at the workplace

What is Mindfulness?

Simply put, mindfulness is being aware, paying attention to the present moment and refraining from judging. This concept has its roots in Buddhist literature and helps in establishing a heightened sense of awareness about oneself and the environment around.
From Google to General Mills to NHS; many organizations are preaching and practicing mindfulness at work. Harvard School of Business has even included mindfulness principles in its curriculum for the leadership programs. The importance of mindfulness has only grown due to the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic and the consequent remote working.

What are the Benefits of Mindfulness for Organizations?

Practicing mindfulness provides benefits not only for individual employees, but has a positive impact on the entire workplace.
Here is why mindfulness should be practiced at the workplace:

1. Improves Overall Employee Wellbeing
Organizations are focusing and investing more and more into the wellbeing of the employees, taking into consideration the increased costs of an unhealthy workforce. These costs can range from poor productivity, high absenteeism, and even high turnover. Organizations are therefore offering mindfulness training to enable the employees respond positively in difficult situations and not become victims of burnout, work stress and appraisal issues.

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