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An inspiring story of Unilever’s Nitin Paranjpe.

Source | Linkedin | Sreeni R. Gali | Assoc. Vice President, Key Global Client Partnerships at Birlasoft

Rashmi Bansal’s Shine Bright is a book of inspiring stories of CEOs. Here I would like to share my notes from Unilever’s global COO Nitin Paranjpe’s story. Here I have tried to present his own words on different topics from the book that have resonated with me deeply…

1.      On his influencers: “my father was an IAS officer – a very honest and upright man. He has shaped so much of who I am.”

2.      On winning and losing: “I would go home and write in my diary – this is what I did, this is what my opponent did. How can I change, what can I do better next time?”

3.      On his first job: “It was my dream job…I was very excited to work at L&T. But as I went through my first year, it wasn’t what I thought it would be.”

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