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An Open Letter To Anyone Turning 30 This Year

By | Olivia Schnur |

We are turning 30 this year. It feels like just yesterday when we rollerbladed around the garage with Spice Girls playing in our Walkmans. We are getting old enough to become irrelevant. Still, we think we are cool because we know what Harry Potter house we belong to. This is becoming shameful, since J.K Rowling took a transphobic stance. Still, we spread ourselves across Hogwarts houses the way we spread avocado on toast. Our house is nearly as divisive as our political stance. We like that these things define us.

We are turning 30 this year. There was a time we dreamed about this moment. Lip Smucker kisses and Lisa Frank notebooks held our secrets. We played with Barbie and gave her a dream house, which we thought we might own by now.

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