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Annie Roy: India’s First Woman Tunnel Engineer Annie Roy: India’s First Woman Tunnel Engineer

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When Annie Roy walked into a metro site in Delhi, most workers thought she must be a visitor.  But when she got down to check a machine, faces turned from being surprised to ‘What is she doing here’ to ‘she will not last here’! She is now one of the most sought after tunnel engineers in the country. 

She proudly declares “ So what if you are a woman? You have enough capability to handle any problem and any situation better than a man.”

Meet Annie Sinha Roy, India’s country’s first and only woman tunnel engineer, who has redefined gender norms. Soon after graduating from Nagpur University’s mechanical engineering, she got her first job in Delhi Metro. After a brief stint, she moved to Chennai and from there to Doha. 

It was while working in Bangalore underground metro that she proved her mettle. She single-handedly steered a tunnel boring machine and managed the show even when the machine got damaged. 

Though her male colleagues were initially sceptical, they eventually accepted and  respected her line of work for she used to spend nearly 8 hours in the tunnel every day. 

Annie is glad to have broken the gender stereotypes and made a mark in a largely male-dominated field. 

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