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Another Key For HR: Partnering With Marketing To Build A Better Employer Brand

Source | TLNT : By Michelle M. Smith

Recruiting top-tier talent is crucial for any organization wanting to achieve and sustain success, and hiring the right people is essential to building a workforce that’s truly engaged in what your company does.

However, attracting that talent has become an increasingly challenging proposition, as candidates have become more discerning, and have far greater resources for evaluating your organization.

Discovering brand inconsistencies between what’s promised externally and the internal reality employees experience – and share on Glassdoor and social media – could be enough of a deal-breaker to turn-off those coveted candidates.

To prevent that from occurring, we have to consistently tell our brand story through a variety of channels, not just to reach customers but to reach prospective employees as well. Many companies fall short on doing a good job of communicating with current employees, much less extending the brand story to those they hope to recruit.

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