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How To Answer The Question “What Do You Do” Without Boring Anyone

Source |  |  BY:KAT BOOGAARD

Like so many other people, I dread this question. But, the reason behind my trepidation isn’t necessarily what you’d expect. I don’t loathe this conversation starter because I dislike talking about how I make a living–in reality, it’s one of my favorite topics.


What’s the problem, then? Well, I get frustrated with the glazed-over look of confusion that without fail washes over everybody’s face as soon as I start chatting about my day job.

The rest of the conversation usually plays out like this:

Me: “I work for myself as a freelance writer.”
Confused Conversational Partner: “Oh, so you, like, write books?”

That’s usually followed up with more unintentionally condescending questions about how I manage to make any money and why I’m qualified to dole out career advice when I don’t have a “traditional” job.

I’ll admit it: It’s irritating. When you’re so passionate about something like your career, you want other people to not only understand what you spend your workdays doing, but share your same enthusiasm.


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