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Anthony Robbins – Leadership – Becoming The Leader

Anthony Robbins explains what it takes to become the leader and what sacrifices you will need to take in this role to succeed. –


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  1. The word hero comes from the Greek ἥρως (hērōs), "hero, warrior", particularly one such as Heracles with divine ancestry or later given divine honors.[3] (literally "protector" or "defender"[4]) Before the decipherment of Linear B the original form of the word was assumed to be *ἥρωϝ-, hērōw-; R. S. P. Beekes has proposed a Pre-Greek origin.[5]

    According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, the Indo-European root is *ser meaning "to protect". According to Eric Partridge in Origins, the Greek word Hērōs "is akin to" the Latin seruāre, meaning to safeguard. Partridge concludes, "The basic sense of both Hera and hero would therefore be 'protector'."

  2. "Whoever wants to be the greatest among you, must be last and slave to all." – Jesus Christ

    This is the gospel my friends. And the gospel is nothing more than universal truths, in favour of life, experienced by those who believe and practice. It's not a theory nor philosophy, it's about trusting in the words of life and teachings proposed by the gospel, practicing it in faith and seeing yourself transformed into a living incarnation of what is truth. Here is just one principle taught by one of the most successful human beings of our generation both professionally and financially, Tony Robbins. He teaches this and doesnt even mention jesus, nor church, nor religion, but teaches it just like christ would, as a true reality that he has become and lived being spilled out from his heart as a deep and true conviction. He incarnated the gospel, he doesnt just talk about it, this is the truth in someone. I cried when he cried. Its so divine. This is as close as anyone can get as the proof of God or divinity, and most amazing thing to me is how his words of life are so beautifully camouflaged amongst us in the hearts and minds of the most unexpected people.

  3. A true leader leads through service, not by title and position. That's why entrepreneurs have to learn how to be a leader because they do something that has more meaning than for themselves.

  4. If you want to be a leader. Give up trying to get. Give up on gaining power. Give power to the people. Its love that sends out. Its the fear that draws in from us people. Send out. Be a leader. Together we can lead together.

  5. Thanks for your response. I think the importance of words go both ways when they're used, especially because someone else is probably going to be hearing them. Whereas one person might believe that certain types of words need to be used to help break down barriers, another person might just decide to hurt or kill you because you used those words. In that moment intent goes out the window. Caution always needs to be used, whether using words for yourself or in front of others.

  6. I know nothing about this guy, just randomly looking through videos, but it seems like he knows a thing or two about leading. Assuming that's true, and that he does know what he's talking about, then that means that you could potentially learn something from him, but you refuse to do so because of his religion and personal beliefs? Are you so arrogant and prideful?

  7. Its a very high level of thinking Mitch. It is not being technically slave or a servant, however a feeling to serve humanity in a way that the others see your motive as a virtue. We all are web of connections and we affect and to some extent influence people. See I just got connected to your thought 🙂 All the best. Have a great life!!!!!!!!

  8. I enjoyed this little clip but have to admit that, because of my background, every time he used the word "servant" I cringed, especially when he equated it with "slave". The overall lesson is a good one and yet I just can't support the terminology.

  9. (John J.) I guess using the word PROVIDENCE as the framers of the Constitution used it would have been better for you. After all John, who in the world could direct a silly little bumblebee? Only a GOD could! and only GOD would Care…

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