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Anywar’s defection not a surprise – FDC leadership

The leadership of the Forum for Democratic Change party has hit back at President Museveni for his remarks calling the opposition barren, and also at former ally Beatrice Anywar, the MP of Kitgum municipality, promising to work with the NRM party. Museveni spoke at an event organised by Anywar. FDC party President Patrick Amuriat, and Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi said they were not surprised by Anywar’s move. The MP was formerly a member of FDC.

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  1. Anywar, even if you become a minister, prime minister or vice president at this stage in life, it is not going to negate anything abt you. Bcoz there are folks who garnered:real and not nominal, political statuses in their prime lives, but they still breathed on the same air, like any other person. Additionally, ugandans wish you the best bcz you have served the system whilst in cover for so long!! It is time, you regain yr freedom.

  2. Anywar, no one decides for you what to do; but dont come to tv and fool us as ugandans, that you are an indpt member in the parlt! Again, anywar, you have every right to be in dp, fed- allce, cp, etc; what are exercising is yr birth- right. But, also, please respect and dont publicly portray ugandans as gullible and goons! Bcz we live in the C21st. Additionally, when you're doing yr political dramas, plse, find another type of female outfit fashion , not the Ggoomesi( it is too fabulous and and todate universally honored), totyoobora kyambaro ekyo, it not meant for caricature and drama of any sort!!! For eones, trends in ug have revealed you as a: non-intractable, fragile, fickle member in the house, and folks like you, are good for the present status quo in ug.

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