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App Recommendations for the Best Prank Calling Apps

By | Karen Anthony

For many attempting their very first prank dial, things seldom go to plan. Competent prank calling takes practice, as a prepared script is only as good as the person performing them. Good improvisation skills and articulating yourself calmly during unexpected moments in a call are essential. If you’re struggling to pull off great prank calls, apps may offer a better solution.

Prank Calling Apps greatly assist during your practical jokes, with many reenacting the call for you. Smartphone users can benefit from a variety of technological features that only apps can offer.  

Curious on trying their app features for yourself? Below are our top recommendations on prank call apps!

Prank Apps that Send Prerecorded Calls

For those who typically stutter or forget their lines, this app helps by sending prerecorded calls. Containing dozens of prank scenarios, you’ll be able to deceive all your contacts effortlessly. 

Each call sets up a unique prank – a neighbor asking for your Wifi password or an imaginary food delivery designated for your address. When it comes to continuous app innovation and producing new ideas, consider installing the following: OwnagePranks, PrankDial, PrankCaller, and Prank Call Panda. 

Top Recommendation: OwnagePranks

Had your fill of watching the insanely famous Ownagepranks youtube channel? Consider trying their equally impressive prank calling app. Script ideas are witty and original, being recorded by the same talented voice actors from their show.   

Aside from creatively written scripts, prerecordings use a highly innovative speech recognition AI. During phone calls, the Ai can quickly identify keywords, enabling the prerecording to respond at the right times. This enables prank calls to proceed more naturally, replicating how people usually act. Try these prank call ideas: 

Cat Facts: Your recipient will receive an automated call that bombards them with cat trivia, costing $3.99 daily. When trying to cancel, the automated message will continue to spew random cat facts, increasing its price.  

Abdo One Star Rating: Abdo will call to complain about how you left them a one-star rating online, coupled with a bad review. He will then ask why you didn’t confront him face to face and insists you remove the negative rating. 

Second Recommendation: Prank Dial

The Prank Dial app has successfully kept up with customer demands, making the necessary UI improvements for users. Besides fixing their design, subscribers can also now save their calls in their own prank call history. Like OwnagePranks, this app also offers dozens of prank scripts that use speech technology to enhance dialogue. Consider their top Prank Call Ideas:

You Hit My Car: A stranger will randomly claim you hit their car, leaving a note with your number on their windshield. Refusing to accept no as an answer, he will accuse you of being a liar and angrily hang up. 

Chinese Buffet: A Chinese buffet will accuse you of overeating their food while leaving scraps on four plates. The owner will claim it’s not a homeless shelter, hilariously baring you from the restaurant. 

Voice Changing Apps

Attempting a prank call with people in your social circle is tough. Knowing who you are, they can quickly recognize how you sound. Familiar speech habits and a distinct accent are dead giveaways during any prank call. A voice changer app, however, can quickly fix these minor inconveniences by transforming your voice. 

Top apps in this field include Fun calls, Voice Changer Plus, Voice Changer with Effects, and AndroidRock Voice Changer.

Top Recommendation: Funcalls – Voice Changer & Call Recording

Funcalls features sound effects that alter your speaking voice in various ways. Although it doesn’t offer a vast number of sound options, it will no doubt fool your friends. Voice effects include Helium balloon (very high voice), Funny sound (high voice), Man sound (low voice), and Scary sound (very low voice). Background sounds are also applicable, which include Dog bark, Fart, Moo, and Cat meow.

This app excels among its voice-changing counterparts due to its live-caller function. While most similar apps require a prerecording to apply voice changes, Funcalls lets you make them during a live call. So instead of sending a prerecorded call, you’ll be engaging live as the voice transformations occur.  

Second Place: Voice Changer Plus

This voice-changing app offers users dozens of voice transformations. Perfect for sending voice messages online or on the phone, users must make a recording initially to apply effects. To do so, tap record, say your prank script, and tap again to conclude. 

With your new recording, hear how you sound with their other voice options by choosing a different effect. Users have access to 55 voice options that include background effects. Saved recordings also allow multiple sound effects to be layered consecutively.


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