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Apple is no longer the world’s most innovative company — here are the top 10, according to Fast Company



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Apple has been dethroned as the world’s most innovative company, according to Fast Company.

The tech giant fell to No. 17 in Fast Company’s 50 most innovative companies in the world for 2019, after taking the top spot last year.


“They didn’t really break new ground with their devices, and hardware sales were sluggish,” Fast Company senior editor Amy Farley told CNBC on Wednesday.

However, Apple was recognized for investing in its processors. “They are making chips in-house that really are able to run those data intensive operations like AI, AR, high-end photography — things that will make their devices more powerful going forward. So they are laying the foundation for years of innovation,” Farley said on “The Exchange. ”

This year, a non-U.S. company topped the widely followed ranking. Another came in at No. 2. The U.S. wasn’t recognized until the third spot.

Here are the top 10 companies that, according to Fast Company, are making “the most profound impact on both industry and culture” and are thriving in “today’s volatile world.”

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