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Appraisals. Old Ways are Out. Now What ?

Source | LinkedIn : By Rajeev Shukla

In the recent times,  last one to two years, conventional models and frameworks of performance appraisals have been rejected.     Companies, well many of them, have been in keen competition with each other to “trash” their old ways of doing performance appraisals.   And some of them, have done this ‘throwing out’ quite publicly. With desired media splash and attention !

Suddenly, we also saw a rush by many industry executives, competing with each other in ridiculing the conventional model of performance appraisal.      Though many of them would have been instrumental in forming this conventional ‘way’ of performance appraisal.



No appraisal system purely based on processes and documents will ever be complete, forget ‘perfection’ 



The world suddenly seems so much better place, with so many of them,  flailing their hands up in air, and claiming, almost together, “Oh, We were all stupids to have worked on such an appraisal system.   We admit.   And, we are moving to a brand new one.”

While self flagging & ‘admission of wrong’ is tolerable, following points remain ..

  1. What has been wrong with established methods of performance appraisal
  2. Did we genuinely realize, finally, that appraisals are broken
  3. Or else, we lapped up a new trend in the ever ‘terms crazy’ world of HR
  4. Was there a need of such public outcry and rejection of appraisal systems
  5. What substitutes have been created and adopted in Indian industry, if any
  6. Is the change a paint work, where paint is new term/trend or is it genuine
  7. Are we going to see substantiated benefits of ‘all this change’



The big questions, need to be asked, Always.             This is a prerequisite of progress !



First, lets take a look at the ‘Problems’, which appraisal systems and processes have been plagued with for the last decade and half, may be more. Specifically, in India. The most common, issues, which one would hear about the older way of doing performance appraisal are following.

Employees — >

  • Why do we get to know the issues with my performance at the time of appraisal only, why not in advance?
  • How they have rated me lower than the peer and where is the data to support this lower rating?
  • I have my own records, and, I know my performance appraisal is not fair.     I can show all of my work and my communication with manager?
  • I have had this rating, and then, I have been given only x% raise, while a colleague of mine has been given y% raise, can I ask why?


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