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Are Employee Surveys Effective? If Done Right, The Research Says Yes

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As employee engagement has become an increasingly important metric of business success, some still question: Are employee surveys effective?

The answer is it depends on whether they’re done correctlyEmployee survey effectiveness comes down to several factors, most importantly:

  • Does the survey have a clear purpose?
  • Does the survey ask the right questions, of the right people, at the right time?
  • Is there follow-up with actions to address survey responses?

In this article, we’ll present research data that shows just how effective employee engagement surveys can be in improving engagement and business outcomes—when they meet all of the above criteria.

Are employee surveys effective?

When they’re done thoughtfully, with a commitment to action and follow-through, research shows the answer is a resounding yes.

Listening to employees by soliciting their feedback can in and of itself win some slight increases in engagement because everyone appreciates being asked about their opinions. But to be really effective, employee surveys need to go beyond a list of formulaic questions. (Tweet this!)

Defining the purpose for the survey needs to come first, to guide design of the questions. The survey can only provide the insights most important to the individual business if it includes the right questions. Because all businesses are different, the right questions will be different for each; they can be determined through a thoughtful assessment of the company’s objectives, strategies, challenges, and opportunities.

Aside from good survey design, research shows that employee survey effectiveness primarily hinges on one factor: taking action in response to employee feedback.

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