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Are You A Manager Or A Leader?

Source | | Chuck Swoboda

Use these five scenarios to see for yourself.

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

That’s how Peter Drucker, the iconic father of modern management, characterized the difference between management and leadership. And as someone who has long studied the connection between innovation and leadership, I couldn’t agree more. Why? Because the behaviors that make someone an effective manager are often in conflict with those required for innovation.

Many people assume that if you are a manager, then by default, you are also a leader. But that isn’t true. Someone else can make you a manager. Only you, however, can make yourself a leader. What’s more, there are very few people who are good at both managing and leading.

Successful organizations are built on a combination of great leaders and effective managers, and more importantly, they ensure those skills are matched to the appropriate problem.

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