Are you a Small Company? Know about the Marketing materials required for any Small Company in this Digital World?


Did you know that Digital Marketing saves around 378% of the money which is been spent on the Manual Marketing? In 2018 & 2019 around 43% of the World’s Companies have used more Digital Marketing Compared to Manual Marketing. A Successful Marketing Strategy consist of a numerous Digital Marketing Strategies for any Small Business.

Startups which have a minimum budget to spend on the Marketing can successfully use the Digital Marketing Cost Effective methodologies.

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In this article I have listed out the necessary Digital Marketing based Content & Visual Driven Marketing Materials which will play a Major role in Curation of the Marketing Contents along with the Lead Generation Process.

  • Best Unique Design Logo
  • Best Content Driven Website 
  • Blogs
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Creating Facebook Shop
  • Using GSuite to Communicate to your Customers
  • Company Profile 
  • Investor Pitch Deck, Business plan & Financial Modelling
  • Product Profile/Service Profile
  • General Client Contracts

Best Unique Designed Logo

A Best Uniquely Designed Logo is a effective way to let your customers know that your company provides Professional, Trustworthy, Quality Goods & Services. A Uniquely Designed Logo should be eye catchy grabbing attention, Makes the best first Impression, A proper logo is the Foundation of your Brand Identity, A Logo will foster a brand Identity.

A Richly designed logo will be having the Logo Icon, Typograph and the Brand Tag.

Best Content Driven Website

Content Marketing is the best way to generate the leads, The Customers are now-a-days looking for the best contents on the Products and Services which can be written in your Website.

The Website should have the best and unique contents which explains about your company’s product and services along with the SEO (Search Engine Optimized) Keywords which are Important for your Business. SEO will attract the Customers who are searching in Google about a Specific Service Requirements.

The Content Driven Website should have the right CALL-TO-ACTION approach in driving the Customers to the Lead Generation form attached in your Website.

This will increase the Lead Generation Chance around 300% more than the contents which does not have CALL-TO-ACTION.

The Content Driven website should also have the below,

  • Infographic Images
  • Content/Concept based Animation Videos
  • Guides
  • Product/Service Description
  • Product Reviews
  • Social Media Feed connected to the Side bar widgets
  • Link & Backlinks
  • E-Books
  • Podcasts
  • Research Data based Contents

Blogs (Blogging) (Influencer Marketing)

 A Best Blogger can easily change your normal blog into a Lead Generation Machine. A Best Blogger will consider the Persona Focus of the Buyer. Your Topic of Blog should consider the Best Content having the Customer Centric Focus. A good blogger will consider the Meta Tags, Meta Headlines, Meta Description, Links, Anchor Text, A Blogger should also consider the Mobile View reader also.

Consistent and Frequent Blogging will generate the Leads for the Business.

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Social Media Marketing – Content & Visual Marketing

Inspiring Quote and Product based Educating Images are the best one when shared using the Visual Images with Rich Designer Text. Using the Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest Etc for the Content Marketing increases the chances of generating more leads for any Companies.

Content Marketing Includes Infographics, Content based Videos, Audios & Podcasts, GIF Images, Cartoon Images Etc.

Creating Facebook Shops

“Make Money by Selling on Facebook”. Creating Facebook shops for Selling your Products will create a great value for your Business so you can directly engage with your Customers. Manage your Facebook store from your Desktop. You can also tag your products in the posts created by you. You can create the highly engaging posts in the Facebook which can be tagged with the products associated with the Posts.

Using GSuite to Communicate to your Customers

There are several reasons why any of the Small Business should use only Gsuite for their Business Communication.

  • Document-Sharing. Collaboration is the key to your small business.
  • Increased File Storage.
  • Have your own domain name.
  • Manage your team’s email accounts and files are owned by the company.
  • Multiple email alias and domains.  
  • Single Sign-In.
  • Customized user interface.  
  • Seamless experience to all devices.
  • Using the Google Calendar
  • Using Google Meet for the Video Conferencing

Link & Backlinks

The Content Marketing and the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) uses several Links and Backlinks. The Backlinks is a trustworthy method of increasing the User Engagement. The Best and Unique Contents along with several backlinks will increase the Traffic to your Web Page.

Company Profile

Company Profile Designing with the right engaging contents along with the best PPT Designing and Brochure Designing is the Important Marketing Material which is usually shared with any Clients using the PDF Format.

Investor Pitch Deck, Business plan & Financial Modelling

Investor Pitch Deck – PPT Document having the high-level information with the Plan of the business along with the traction.

Business Plan – Business is Formal Document having the Complete Business Goals along with the Business research analysis, Competitors Analysis with the Financial modelling Traction.

Financial Modelling – The Revenue and Expenses with the Profit details for the 5 Years of Time.

Product Profile/Service Profile

The Product Profile will have the Complete details of the Product and Services of the Company designed in the PPT Format. This Document should also specify the uniqueness and How your Products and Services are unique compared to the Competitors in the market.

General Client Contracts

The General Client Quotation should be Pre-Prepared which can be minimum edited to share the Immediate Quotation to the Clients.

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