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Are You An Unlikable Leader? 3 Ways To Improve Your Relationships

Source | | Jack Zenger

Have you ever felt you were being “psychologically harassed” on the job? Then you are one of the 41% of Americans who claimed that in a recent study. A bad boss can have a dramatic effect on the physical and emotional well-being of employees. What are some characteristics of an unlikable boss? I conducted an informal survey and here are some of the responses I received:

• FAILS to stay in touch with issues and concerns of individuals.

• Focuses on “getting results” with a LITTLE concern for others’ needs.

• Gives feedback in an UNHELPFUL way.

• Is NOT trusted by team members.

• UNCONCERNED about developing others.

Can you be an effective leader if you are unlikable?

Many people have argued that when you are the Boss you won’t always be liked, because you have to be “the bad guy.” At Zenger Folkman we measured overall leadership effectiveness with a 39-item index covering a variety of different leadership competencies. Results are based on a 51,653 global leaders.

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