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Are you effectively engaging millennials at your workplace?

Source | Linkedin | Sanjay Chandel | Senior Vice President & Head of Human Resources at Sterling India

No other generation was spoken or written about as much as millennials. Popular press or Social Scientists, both continue to write about them with equal interest. This implies, there must be something different about millennials compared to Traditionalists, Baby Boomers and Generation X that we all want to understand more!

Let’s first discuss how a concept of Employee Engagement came into being. If we ask our parents, uncles or aunts about how their employers kept them engaged and motivated, you would realize that expectations of both employer and employees, generally never went beyond decent working conditions and lifetime employment. Focus of most of the jobs in industrial economy was about predictability, routine, and to some extent efficiency. Things weren’t changing frequently. You could possibly live entire life without changing your watch, television, vehicle, phone or house. Organizations mostly needed discipline, efficiency and predictability to optimize sales/profits. It was almost impossible for a newcomer to pose a serious challenge to an established player.

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