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Are You Getting the Best Out of Your Executive Team?

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An executive team is a powerful asset for any organization.

A strong C-suite mobilizes everyone in the organization to propel the organization’s vision and strategy forward. Yet too often this considerable potential goes untapped. Senior executives struggle to balance the need to run individual business areas with the need to work together as a leadership team focusing on the success of the whole organization.

In our recent survey of senior executives, 65% indicated that their executive teams were experiencing this clash between functional and enterprise accountabilities; only 18% rated their team as “very effective” with respect to their executive responsibilities.

This data paints a stark picture: Too many executive teams are underperforming.

Even though individual members are well-prepared and capable in their individual roles, there is often a sizable deficit when it comes to the team’s collective capability.

What can the CEO do to ensure the executive team capitalizes on the potential for collective impact and results? How do team members integrate their individual skills and expertise into a highly functioning team that intentionally acts together, leveraging their opportunity to work for the entire enterprise?

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