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Are you highlighting your accomplishments without bragging?

Source | Linnkedin | Valerie Sutton | Director, Career Services Office

A great question recently came across my desk about answering interviewers questions about your accomplishments. How exactly can you express your achievements without being arrogant but not underplay your contributions? Talking about your results without bragging is harder than you might think! What is arrogant to one hiring manager is confidence to the next!

Not knowing the culture or background of the company or interviewer can make it hard to strike the right balance. Your best strategy when you don’t have time to do research is to identify examples that align with the job responsibilities and make you feel great. Genuine excitement doesn’t come off as arrogant. Second, when describing your accomplishments be specific on how you achieved them by stating the situation, explaining your actions to accomplish the goal and end with the result. Specifying your activities will show the hiring manager that you are not just bragging but bring the skills to get the job done.

If you want to dive deeper, a little research can help to strike the right balance. Two key factors will determine if you come across as arrogant or as a braggart in an interview – the work culture of the organization and the viewpoint of the interviewer.

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