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Are your job ads gender biased? Why gender neutral job descriptions matter | Louis Wellings

As hard as HR professionals try to write robust job adverts, human nature means its inevitable that bias creeps in. We explain how this happens – and why it matters

Gender equality is a fundamental aspect of a just society and a thriving workplace. Gender neutral job descriptions play a pivotal role in promoting gender equality by eradicating biases and creating an equitable recruitment process. When job ads are biased, they reinforce stereotypes, discourage certain groups from applying, and restrict access to opportunities based on gender. Conversely, inclusive job ads help dismantle barriers, foster diversity, and enable individuals to be evaluated on their merits and qualifications.

Think about your own company’s job adverts: does the language you use unintentionally attract (or dissuade) a particular gender? Are there specific terms included in your job descriptions which could be biased towards a particular gender? And does it matter? Evidence suggests that recruiters would do well to be aware of the unconscious opinions – based on stereotypes and prejudices – that might be hampering their recruitment efforts.

Understanding gender bias in job ads: why it matters

Gender bias refers to the systematic and often unconscious preference or prejudice towards individuals of a particular gender, usually to the detriment of the other gender. It can manifest in various aspects of society, including language and job descriptions. Gender bias in language occurs when…

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