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Article: Driving Factors towards a Career in Healthcare Management in context of HR in India

Source | : By Dr. Rakesh Verma

The Indian healthcare industry is facing significant challenges in all areas of human resource management (HRM), from recruitment and selection to retention, to staff welfare, and in creating meaningful career pathways for staff. It is not just a matter of more health resources for the industry since finite resources must be managed efficiently and effectively.

This is a significant issue for India where the resources for even the most basic health care needs may be difficult to obtain and therefore, we need qualified and experienced Healthcare Management Professionals (HMP`s – who have undertaken either an MBA or a PGDM in Healthcare Administration to help the health system to become more efficient and effective using the limited resources available to them.

Healthcare Resource Management (HRM)being a global perspective is well established in non-healthcare industries. Unfortunately, the importance of HRM in improving overall patient health outcomes and delivery of health care servicesis under rated and undervalued.

Therefore, human resource professionals face many obstacles in their attempt to support the delivery of high-quality health care to patients. Some of these constraints include budgets, lack of congruence between different stakeholders’ values, absenteeism rates, high rates of turnover and low morale of health personnel and since all health care is ultimately delivered by people and effective HRM will play a vital role in the success of health sector services.

However, sofarthe focus of Healthcare H.R. is currently confined to maintaining regulatory compliance and recruitment and selection rather than a holistic extension of their roles to staff appraisals lined to performance; training and skill development; and creating structured career pathways post-qualification; skill-mix and extended roles (for e.g. developing nurse leaders, nurse practitioners). Therefore, quality of services is variable and questionable due to severe shortage of doctors, nurses, and paramedics.

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