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Artificial Intelligence | Full Course | FREE with Certificate

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This is Artificial Intelligence Full Course with Certificate. The first Artificial Intelligence course in Urdu/hindi

Whatsapp Channel of MIND LABS – by Professor Abdullah

Whatsapp Channel of Professor Abdullah (Podcasts and Vlogs)

After completing the course, go this link, follow the procedure to get your certificate


Strategy on How to Earn Money after AI and Prompt Engineering courses

Dr. Abdullah Khurram also known as Professor Abdullah is a Mind Scientist and a Life Coach (Career and Education Counseling). He is Founder & Director of MIND LABS, Pakistan Which is an Educational, Professional Development and Management Consultancy company that operates in Pakistan as well as in Kyrgyz Republic (a post soviet Russian State).

Online Earning Courses Whatsapp group by Professor Abdullah

Dr. Abdullah is a dynamic person who has knowledge of many fields of life from Personal Life Coaching, Medical Sciences to Engineering, Computer sciences, Management Sciences, Politics, Religion and History.

He is a Teacher and Professional and Personal Development Trainer for Doctors, Medical Students, CSS Aspirants, Professionals from all fields of Life.

He is an Expert in Education sector. You can learn more about Dr. Abdullah Khurram from the videos on this channel.

What you will learn from Dr. Abdullah Khurram?

– How to improve Human Intelligence
– How to Use Artificial Intelligence
– 100s of Free Courses with Certificates (certificates will be available soon) on
– How to Self-Actualize
– How to Identify your Hidden Powers (Strenghts)
– How to set Goal and Achieve your goals in life.
– How to Grow in your Career.
– How to Shift yourself from Job to your Own Business.
– How to Earn from Multiple sources of Income.
– How to Visit Abroad and work abroad?
– How to become a Successful person.
– How to get Self Confidence
– How to Live Happily without depression and stress

He is an expert in Memory Sciences. He has a course SUPERMIND Memory Techniques, The course is for Doctors, Engineers, CSS aspirants and Professionals from all fields of Life. The course helps aspirants to pass their tought exams in 1st attempt using SUPERMIND Memory and Study Techniques.

Facebook Page of Dr. Abdullah Khurram

Company website of Professor Abdullah


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Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Deep Learning
Neural Networks
Virtual Assistants
Computer Vision
Data Science
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Predictive Analytics
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Speech Recognition
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Memory Techniques
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Neuro Science
Law of Attraction
Dr. Moiz Hussain




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