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As Employees Become More Productive Working From Home, They Are Less Likely To Want To Return To The Physical Workplace After COVID-19

Source | | Brett Wells

During our May 7th Insights Discussion, we shared that just 30% of employees wanted to return to the physical workplace after the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to track changes in workplace preferences during the pandemic, and we have recorded a significant shift that has strong implications for organizations: 

  1. The percentage of employees who want to return to the physical workplace after COVID-19 has declined precipitously from its peak of 33% in the beginning of April to its trench of just 4% at the end of June. Clearly, employees are not eager to return to the physical workplace. What is behind this shift in workplace preference?
  1. Improvements in personal productivity when working from home is strongly and inversely related to the desire to return to the physical workplace. For many, the newness of “working from home” has now shifted to the familiarity of “living at work.” Employees have had the time to create a suitable remote working environment and mastered remote work tools.

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