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By | Anand Bhaskar | Jt. President & CHRO Adani Airports

There is one topic I was keen to explore along with you – “stress”. As professionals in a work environment we are all prone to work related stress. There are 2-aspects I would look to explore in this post.

First, is “stress” self induced or externally induced by the environment we work in? My sense is, people who are deeply conscientious (as personalities) are more prone to self induced stress. There is a tendency to take work too seriously. If they are confronted with negative stokes from their bosses/colleagues, such people tend to take the negative strokes to heart & work their guts out. Many bosses who are high on EQ know how to manipulate such self conscientious employees into action. So, while the environment plays its role in inducing stress, the individual’s own belief system may be a bigger cause of stress.

Second, is there “good stress” and “bad stress”? If one is in an empowering environment and is enjoying his/her work; the work-stress that one undergoes could be good stress. However, if one is working in a highly controlled/micro-managed and untrusting environment; the work-stress that one undergoes could be bad stress. There is both good & bad stress in our life. The good one is our inner driver to achieve. The bad one is cancerous that affects our mental health & well-being.

Are you observing the kind of stress you are experiencing at your work-place? Is it self induced or from the environment or both? Are you taking care of your mental wellness?

Republished with permission and originally published at Anand Bhaskar’s LinkedIn

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