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Ask smart questions to motivate teams


Great leaders don’t just provide great answers to questions; they also ask great questions. You can learn so much by asking great questions, and this is an important habit to develop.

As well as helping you to increase your knowledge and understanding, it also makes your teams feel more involved, because when you listen to them, it shows that you value their input, which increases their commitment and motivation.

Here are five great questions that great leaders ask:

Is there a simpler solution or a simpler way of doing this?

Many people have a natural tendency to complicate things, especially when under pressure, and leaders need to step back, take a pause and ask whether there is a simpler solution.

Complex solutions are usually easier to find, and simpler solutions or simpler ways of doing things take a little bit longer. As a leader, you need to give your teams the time to take a breath and see if there is an easier alternative.

The people closest to the problem often have the best understanding of it, but they might not be involved in designing the solution, so it’s always good to get their input.

What you need is a solution that is going to work in practice, not just in theory.

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