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ASMR, Service Robots & Learning in 2023 and yes, “Quiet Working”​

By | Abhijit Bhaduri |Keynote speaker, Author and Columnist 

I used to do an illustrated newsletter on substack where I would share interesting stuff that caught my eye. Lots of my readers suggested that I do the same here. So here you go…

Quiet working

We have all heard of quiet quitting ie disengagement. I read this post by Adam Bryant who talks about “quiet working”. He loves to work. “I find it rewarding. I like learning new things, figuring things out, and doing new things.”

Being able to make even the most insanely boring work interesting, depends on one factor that you have often overlooked. <find out>

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Leave a comment below to let everyone know what you think of “quiet working”.

ASMR – what is that??

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I have to first tell you that I did not know about ASMR videos. I consoled myself saying that I am not Gen Z and hence my ignorance can be excused. ASMR is short for autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR videos are sedative videos that typically include soothing sights and sounds – like the sound of whispers or waterfall etc. There are videos of people watching fish swimming (like the drawing of Koi fish I made for you). There were 65 billion views of videos related to ASMR on YouTube in 2021.

So what does that mean?

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Gen Z has experienced precious years of their lives being locked up during the pandemic. Their stint on the campus was cut short. In some cases, they never set foot on campus as they graduated. As they get to the workplace, they find it hard to build connections when so many colleagues are not there. It is hard to feel that you belong. They find these images of travel and vacations soothing.

You have heard of comfort food. Think of these videos as comfort videos. They love to watch reruns of old videos made by their favorite creators. I wonder if L&D teams could create comfort videos that soothe and build connections. What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.

Major goal of the L&D team

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Curious to know if your views match what the majority believes? <find out by clicking this>

2023 L&D Priorities

The year is drawing to a close. What do you think 2023 will be like? you are in Learning & Development; we know that accelerating digital growth and securing critical talent will be important for every business. Talent shortage and supply chain shortage will remain ever present on the agenda. The learning strategy has to respond to rapid shifts in business. The employees have to acquire new skills that are fast changing. I have summarized what Gartner has suggested.

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Delivering business outcomes will depend on the quality of leaders and managers. Did you see this cartoon that I drew?

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Investing in the middle managers helps the organization to demonstrate what their culture stands for. The middle managers have many demands on their time. They have to keep the team motivated and retain talent in world of limited resources. Check out the comments from the readers. <read them>

The rise of robots

Here is a #sketchnote to summarize why labor shortages, the dropping cost of making robots and an ageing population mean that we will soon see more of them everywhere. Computer vision and AI have combined forces to make them better. The businesses have realized that they can recover their investment in a robot in about two years.

Service robots are being used to do “autonomous cleaning”. Expect to see more delivery robots very soon. They are already unloading boxes from trucks. <read more>

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Republished with permission and originally published at Abhijit Bhaduri’s LinkedIn

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