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Aswath Damodaran: “The Value of Stories in Business” | Talks at Google

The world of investing/finance is divided into two camps. In one, you have the number-crunchers, who believe that the only things that matter are the numbers and that imagination/creativity are dangerous distractions. In the other, you have the storytellers, who build on the stories they tell about companies and how these stories will bring untold wealth. Each side believes it has a monopoly on the truth and looks with contempt at the other. Prof. Damodaran contends that stories matter, but only if they are connected with numbers. And numbers are empty, unless they are connected with narratives. In this talk, he looks at the process by which one might build narratives, check them against reality and convert them into valuations. Uber and Ferrari examples are used to illustrate the process.

Slides for the talk:

Check out the book on Google Play:

This talk was moderated by Saurabh Madaan.


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  1. love his passion for valuation and his profession, with his accomplishments and his name he should be a managing director of some PE or VC firms collecting millions

  2. Its hard for techy's to understand the dynamics of Investing. Investing is mostly an art, requiring a lot of equanimity and cajones.

  3. Telling stories is Peter lynch way to approach stocks picking, read his books better and simpler than this guy and his bad accent.

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