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Attention: Mr. People Manager!

By | Amit Basu

Congratulations- for being a People Manager at a reputed MNC!

But what made you reach here? Did you do any introspection? Is it because of your strengths? Or how smart you walk and talk? Your proximity to some decision makers? Or just that you are too senior to be in the previous position? Do you really know whether your team, expressed or not, accept you as their People Manager or not?

To the team – the team is either being led by a good manager or a no-manager (bad manager is actually an oxymoron).

What makes the team think you are a good manager? It’s an important question to ask yourself if you want them to be engaged and remain engaged.

The motivations any employee look for, come from a sense of achievement, advancements, recognition and responsibilities. And if you think about it – there is one word that connects them all in one string – Strength.

From Gallup research we find that:

  • When you make someone aware of his strengths, he becomes 7-8% more productive
  • Allow a team to focus on its strengths every day it becomes 12-13% more productive.
  • Allow someone to use their strengths every day and he becomes 5-6 times more productive

Needless to say, there are alarming statistics available when you don’t do these!

Now, Mr. People Manager – what would you do if you find a weak element in your team? You can’t go on rampantly fire people from the team(s) that has been given to you. Worse would be to fire the so-called weak team members and hire good ones. Nothing can demoralize an entire population of team than this act – even if they still smile at you.

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