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Good selling requires that you understand the product reasonably and work to appreciate the customer’s requirements – some call this needs selling and others prefer to refer to it as wants selling – I prefer to believe that people only buy what they want and rarely buy what they need. But before we move on ahead and beyond all that, I personally believe that the secret of a good salesperson is about what goes on inside their head – being aware of the needs, converting these to wants and then building value in the wants until the order is converted to a product or service the prospect believe they either cannot do without or would be so much better off investing in.

Above all else, selling is an attitude. It’s how the salesperson thinks and feels. It’s about the sellers whole approach to themselves, their company, their products and, of course, their prospects who then become customers. But the best part is, a good salesperson believes all of this can be condensed to just three words: Confidence, Pride and Care. Here’s how this comes together:


The basis of all successful selling is confidence. Confidence does not mean blind hope. No, confidence is more than that – it’s more about how you think about yourself and your future.

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