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Aubrey de Grey, PhD: “The Science of Curing Aging” | Talks at Google


Aubrey de Grey, Chief Science Officer, presents the SENS Research Foundation’s current research into therapies that may add decades of healthy life for people who are adults today, as well as work that the Foundation has already spun out into successful startups. Dr. de Grey also explains how SRF’s work fits within the context of the global anti-aging research effort and why it has gained broad expert support.

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  1. Great talk! It does seem that nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, only goes so far.. even a country in the famous blue-zone like Japan (#1 life expectancy) is only 3 years better than #31 (U.S.).

    Would have like to have heard his thoughts on other popular anti-aging research. Metformin/glucophage, rapamycin+gaba, aspirin/ibuprofen, mtor or nrf2 approaches (ex. lifevantage's protandim), senolytic /senomorphic compounds (ex. dasatinib / quercetin) , Buckminsterfullerene C60, nicotinamide riboside, Caloric Restriction, etc..

    For example Valter Longo's (Fasting Mimicking Diet) on the High Intensity Training podcast, suggests while fasting may be good for lymphoma, leukemia, it also significantly increases gallstone risk and cardiovascular and overall mortality, while rapamycin increases hyperglycemia, testicular degeneration and cataracts!

    But if CR is only effective in short lived animals (C. elegans, yeast, etc), what determines short vs long-lived (humans, mole rats, whales) in the first place?! For example, Geoffrey West (Scale) suggests lifespan is a function of size * heartrate.. with the total number of heartbeats being a constant of 1B across all animals!

    Regarding the 1h9m10s mark, since long-term endurance exercise increases telomere length, is there any evidence that marathon runners get more cancers? And if only germline cells and some somatic cells (skin, bone marrow immune/stem cells) do most of the dividing and can therefore shorten to the point of senescence (hayflick's limit)… if you universally disable telomerase to avoid this problem, and then use stem cells every so often to replace the dead cells, where do you get them? For example, wouldn't stem cells also have potentially short telomeres when pulled from an adult?

    There was also a good interview with Aubrey on the Daniel Stickler and After-On podcast, where he talks about antioxidants. It's interesting that oxidative damage (due to mitochondrial waste) or AGES (spontaneously interacting sugars and proteins (ex. leucine)) accumulates and contributes to aging, however, free radicals are also necessary signaling molecules.. and just increasing antioxidants won't have much an effect since the the body responds by reducing it's endogenous antioxidants (ex. Superoxide DismutaseBoosting, glutathione ,melatonin etc ).

  2. I think 90% of all scientific research should go into
    1) biocultured meat – to end the holocaust of factory farming (even if we don't mass produce biocultured meat we should STILL end FF immediately. Go vegan.)
    2) life extension anti-aging

    What's left over we can waste on space travel.

  3. To Artificial Society: I am vegan for animal rights: i.e. for the nonhuman animals' health. As are all my friends and loved ones. Please stop pushing veganism for bullshit reasons, such as grossly exaggerated health benefits for the humans. First, what a person does that affects only them is only THEIR concern. So, a nonvegan WOULD have the right to complain about that. You SHOULD be pointing out that a nonvegan is FORCING THEIR CONSUMPTION, their lifestyle, their choices onto the ANIMALS (and the climate, to a degree)

    Secondly, stop pushing the naturalistic fallacy. Everything that exists is by definition natural.
    Rare or exceptional does not equal "unnatural". Natural does not equal good. Unnatural does not equal bad.
    Every urge that comes out of a human brain, to torture, to explore the frontiers of human knowledge,
    to gain power and become a dictator at the expense of others, to lead a quiet life, to enjoy pornography –
    ALL of this is NATURAL because it is produced by proteins atoms in the brain. Got it?

  4. ANY generalizations about what ANY individual, institution, government, lawmaker, politician "will" do, based upon what OTHERS did in the past, are complete bullshit and should be treated skeptically.
    We SHOULD analyze what one COULD/CAN do and whether one SHOULD or should not do it: i.e. compute the deterministic quantifiable predictable consequences of "if we do X, then Y happens".

  5. When Dr de Grey and climate scientists and vegetarian food companies and biocultured meat startups get the same TRILLION dollar welfare that fossil fuels & the military & the DEA & the prison system & the NSA & the meat industry & churches/religions get from taxpayers, then Dr de Grey will no longer have a right to rant & demand more money. Until then, HE SHOULD RANT EVEN MORE & DEMAND EVEN MORE MONEY!

  6. Curing aging and physical death will only create more existential and sociological problems. Far worse ones than what we started with. Its not a sickness that should be cured anyway. Aging teaches humility. The refinement of our soul is what we're here in this temporary place for in the first place. Do and learn what you're here for and move on Aubrey. We don't need you and a gang of narcissists hanging around here forever clogging up the natural order and flow of things.

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