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Augmented Reality: Various industries have the same trend

Source | | Darja Sayenko

In the past few years we have started to see more and more posts and adverts about glasses and head-mounted displays, augmented reality (AR), mobile computing and many more. What do all these digital trends mean? How can we catch up with all these novelties? For most people it is still quite an abstract and exotic technology from the Hollywood movies.

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Different Industries

However, some businesses are actively implementing this seemingly ‘sci-fi’ technology into their marketing. Thus, we are seeing animated holograms, interactive displays in shops and virtual 3D models of new houses with furniture. Industries from retail to aviation are using computer-generated objects in a real environment.


Moreover, schools and universities started incorporating gaming elements into their classes. Augmented Reality (AR) is great solution to turn a boring lecture into exceptional experiences via 3D AR modelling. Furthermore, teachers even managed to use AR in physical education. Students start to practice more actively once gym is turned into augmented reality playground.

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