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Avoid These 3 Tempting Habits For Remote Work Productivity

Working from home can be great if you don't sabotage your working hours with these three big mistakes

By | Elizabeth Rider |

The perks of working from home outweigh the cons for most people. You get to choose where and when you work and have more control over your schedule, not to mention you can dress how you want to — a business shirt on top and sweatpants on the bottom? Sure! Why not. Zoom doesn’t have to know, but we’ve all done it.

However, as someone who has worked from home for over 12 years, I can tell you there are downsides to working from home. When you’re working remotely, distractions can be hard to ignore, and no set schedule can be your downfall. Simple things can distract you from work, from pets to friends and family, but so can poor work-from-home habits.

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The top 3 mistakes people make when working from home

If your productivity has ever taken a hit when you’re working from home, it’s time to take control of your time. Below are the three biggest culprits likely to distract you and affect your productivity. If you can stop doing these things, you can get much more done and save your sanity.

1. Checking email or slack outside of normal business hours

Working from home often means that you need to set your own working hours. No one will come to your house and tell you to stop working. Even when you set working hours, you still need to control your time and schedule.

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