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Avoid these 5 types of words and phrases that make you sound ‘immature,’ says speech expert

By | John Bowe |

Fairly or not, people judge you for how you speak just as much as they do for what you say.

Brilliant and hard-working as you may be, if your way of speaking comes across as immature or scattered, then people — especially your bosses and co-workers — will probably have a hard time taking you seriously.

As a public speaking coach, I always stress that the key to respect and credibility is to be direct, succinct and informative. And you can start doing that by avoiding these five types of words and phrases:

1. Facts that are already in your slide deck


  • “This slide shows we had $3 million in sales this year.”
  • “As you can see here, we had 10 clients in 2020, and 14 in 2021.”
  • “Just to show how we stack up against our competitors, here on slide nine is a side-by-side comparison between the features we offer versus some of the other key players in our space.”
  • “Our team has deep industry experience, as you can see from this slide showing our seven principles, whose names I will read out loud!”

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