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Bad Leaders: Why Companies are Afraid to Fire Them

Source | Linkedin | Karyn Detje | Washington, Connecticut

Everyone has experienced a terrible leader and every organization I’ve worked in has had at least one – you know who I’m talking about. It’s the leader who has that big personality, is often the loudest voice in the room, manages up better than anyone, communicates around and about people instead of directly to them, owns key relationships with clients and the Board and brings in a heap of revenue. These “leaders” often manage by fear. Senior executives are afraid of terminating them lest business and key employees follow in their wake. After all, how could a CEO fire someone who essentially manages such a significant portion of the company’s business? And, employees are afraid of complaining about them or quitting since their career might easily be de-railed within and outside the company.

As a career Human Resources leader, I’ve thought a great deal about this topic — in real time and in discussions with those who have been impacted by this type of individual. It’s an issue that so many organizations struggle with, despite knowing that such negative behavior only derails a company’s culture, devalues its people and ultimately impacts an organization’s ability to deliver results with its values intact.

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