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Balance – In & Out

Source | LinkedIn | Dr.Yesheswini Kamaraju | Director, The Reach Clinic

How do we achieve –‘Balance’ in all the dimensions – physical health, mental health, professional & personal life??

Is it possible and is it necessary??

It could be a never ending debate, as our lives are busier than ever. All of us ideally would aspire for that balance. The context of achieving this balance is varied for each individual. Many individual factors such as one’s priorities, livelihood and support systems matter in order to achieve balance in & out.

 Every individual wishes to achieve ‘success’ as defined by the conventional definitions around us. We often fail to see, believe and accept broader parameters for success. Success is attainable matching to the individual abilities, resources and unique strengths. Many consider themselves as failures by applying the conventional definition of success defined by the world around them.

What does success mean to you?

Is it attaining popularity, fame, money, respect, integrity, satisfaction, meaning, fulfillment & purpose?

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