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Be prepared for these 4 curveball interview questions, says HR expert: Here’s how

By | Natasha Piñon |

Skip the tried-and-true standards: Tell me about yourself? What are your biggest weaknesses? Your greatest strengths? 

There’s nothing wrong with those questions. But when it comes to really getting to know a job candidate, you’re better served taking a non-traditional approach, says Jennie Rogerson, global head of people at graphic design platform Canva.

Sometimes, it’s necessary. Canva fielded more than 220,000 job applications last year, ultimately hiring just over 1,000 of those applicants, Rogerson says.

If you’re a manager, take note: Unconventional interview questions help fend off trite, pre-written answers. By asking something unexpected, you’ll get a more accurate glimpse into how a person thinks, what they care about and how they work with others, Rogerson explains.

And if you’re a job-seeker, get ready. This approach to interviewing is gaining steam, especially as more and more companies drop educational requirements for job openings.

Here are four questions every manager should bring into rotation, Rogerson says — and how to start preparing for them.

Between chaos and clarity, where do you thrive?

First, Rogerson emphasizes: None of these questions have “right” or “wrong” answers. They’re more about learning who the candidate is, how good they’d be at the job and whether they’d thrive in your workplace.

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