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Be Prepared to Answer These Trending Questions in Your Next Job Interview

By | Alex Frost |

I was recently interviewing for a new gig as a freelance content marketing writer and journalist, chatting with a potential new client. We were almost finished with the interview when one of her questions took me by surprise, a huge topic she brought up almost as an afterthought. But I knew immediately my response would make or break my success in the interview. She asked, “So, what do you think about ChatGPT?” Her meaning was clear: How will it impact the future of our industry, as creatives? How would I be using—or not using—it if I got the position?

It was a loaded question, because I had the opportunity, in one response, to look progressive or behind, excited or cautious. My answer would reflect much more than just my stance on this single topic. Like many interview questions, it’s not so much about the answer itself, but what it reveals about the candidate. 

I realized, as I cautiously waded into this territory with my answer, that our changing landscape is influencing interview questions and job application processes beyond the topic of ChatGPT. I set out to explore what other trending interview questions job candidates might want to prepare for ahead of time in order to allow you to think through your answer a bit more thoroughly than I had time to. Here’s what HR experts are recommending job candidates prepare for.

A focus on wellness

“Self-care” was a buzzword during the pandemic, one that, for some of us, seemed to be laughing in our faces about the nature walks and bubble baths we didn’t have time to take in the madness. But now, it’s far from a laughing point. Employers who value the well-being of their employees may see improvement in areas including retentionperformance and the prevention of workplace burnout

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