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Be Sure the Right People Are Contagious on Your Team

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Are the right people contagious on your team?

Pandemic means that there is something contagious amongst us. Hygiene, quarantines, and vaccines are all attempts to stop it from spreading.

But viruses are not the only things contagious. Attitudes and mentalities can infect groups of people as well.

Talent and experience are important, but unfortunately, they are not contagious.

Negativity and bitterness are contagious. But so is positivity. And we all know how easy it is to pass encouragement from one person to another.

Culture is the petri dish of any organization where mentalities and attitudes quickly spread. Therefore, leaders must be intentional about quarantining toxicity and ensuring that better ways of thinking are circulating within the team.

The Enemy Within

A few infected people can turn a team into its own worst enemy. So for a healthy future, leaders should check the mentalities that are becoming contagious in the group. 

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