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Be The Change: Anupama Kalgudi & GAP

Source | Jobsforher.com  | Anupama Kalgudi, Social Entrepreneur

Do you get that warm, at-peace-with-myself feeling, every time you’ve worked selflessly towards a cause, no matter how small, that’s directed towards the betterment of another fellow being?

You most likely do.

And that isn’t just stemming from some unknown source. It’s because compassion IS your true nature.

As Winston Churchill rightly said: ‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’’

And Anupama Kalgudi is a living testimonial to that.

Who Is Anupama Kalgudi?
A CHANGEMAKER with the prestigious GAP foundation for the last two years, Anupama has ALTRUISM running through her veins. A graduate in Electronic Communications Engineering, she has always had a clear vision of her path ahead. Instrumental in the social sector from the beginning of her work-life, the corporate world has never beckoned her.

And today, Dharma Endeavours, Anupama’s pet project, completes a year since it was first executed.


What led her to become a part of GAP?

Dharma Endeavours is a for-profit social enterprise working towards its vision of leveraging revenue from tourism to fund community development and culture conservation of villages in and around the town of Hampi, a World Heritage Site in Karnataka. Their focus revolves around promoting and sustaining key areas such as Agriculture, Education, Housing, Waste Management and Self-Awareness.

THAT is what brought Anupama to GAP; and as she forges ahead each day, with renewed vigor for the noble purpose of contributing to society at large, she is filled with GRATITUDE for all that GAP has helped her bridge, to turn her vision into a reality.

Her Experience with Them…

”The greatest benefit of associating with GAP, is in knowing that there is support from an organization of repute that is working in the best interests of the Changemaker. It provides us access to individuals of great experience, whose kindness and willingness to give their time to further our interests is sometimes the key factor in creating impact.

When setting out on a quest as this, what truly helps is the crystallization of an idea that you’d probably been holding onto for a long time, but didn’t really have the bandwidth to bring into being; and to know what exactly is needed, and HOW one can bring it together. GAP also bolstered me with:

1) that Initial Support System needed to start the ball rolling,

2) Networking with people from diverse backgrounds, which is so crucial to build upon anything today,

3) Bouncing off ideas with many a people, thus gaining access to newer perspectives, and a vast pool of experiences; & most importantly

4) Staying Inspired

I am sincerely happy and grateful to be a part of this wonderful organization.”

Why must one embrace their social responsibility?

”The question in itself is such a weighty one…

Although each of us comes from varied backgrounds, I would say, no matter what the circumstance, WE CAN find a way to contribute towards something meaningful. Because, I think, any woman today can no longer ignore the significant contribution that she is capable of making to society at large, and thus impacting it.

The simplest way to measure that is to look at all that we do to nurture the lives of our families and children, and the impact those efforts have in shaping lives.

But, we have to ask ourselves this very seriously: Can we restrict the measure of our impact, to merely our own homes and our own lives?

And I ask this, not to undermine the contribution that mothers have been making to society by raising families with a certain set of universal principles that every culture abides by, but in fact, to HIGHLIGHT it.

Logically, it has been well-proven and established that a woman is in no way, short of the ability to do a man’s job. In fact, studies show that she is far more capable of delivering results, even under pressure, and while multitasking!

And yet, their presence is minimal in every field. Whether it’s in the realm of politics, the corporate world, or even areas like the garment industry or agriculture.

Therefore, it’s only fair that this offering be made in whatever measure women can. And if a woman is at the brink of restarting her career, I’d say it’s the perfect time to consider an involvement in a space this relevant.

Because if I were to take you deeper into the subject of WHY contribution is necessary, then I’d even urge you to analyze the grave imbalances around us in our lives, and our environment; and wonder if it has anything to do with the reality of contribution being completely amiss…

Women are known to be better listeners and negotiators; better at communicating, better at collaborating. It somehow forces me to think,’ is there so much aggression in our world because of the absence of the equal and powerful contribution that women can & must make…’’

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