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Conscious leadership reduces turmoil

Source | | Bob Rosen

In a recent Healthy Companies/Harris Poll, one clear finding emerged. A strong majority of Americans believe conscious leaders — those aware of themselves, others and their surroundings — can vastly improve their organization’s performance. Yet the same poll revealed that only 48 percent of Americans actually think their leaders behave in a conscious way. To fill that gap, there is clearly some work to do.

So what does that mean for entrepreneurs specifically, and what can we expect to gain by more conscious leadership?

On a very high level, we’ve recently seen the impact that less-than-conscious behavior can have on the world. Following the Helsinki summit with President Putin, President Trump displayed a number of surprising and unusual behaviors for a head of state. First, he openly challenged the official findings of his own intelligence agencies. Second, he did not share the specifics, or even the generalities, of the two-hour conversation with his counterpart. And third, he heaped praise on a leader who does not share our nation’s basic values. As a result, the president’s team and much of the nation were sent scrambling to figure out what it all meant and what to do next.

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