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The most beautiful story I ever read

Source | LinkedIn : By Prabodh Sirur

A few nuns visited our office some years ago (don’t remember why). They carried some newsletters with them that they shared with Sujata, my HR colleague. I happened to read one of the newsletters and found this amazing story about a school teacher. This story, they said, was a true story about a global leader.

For me, this story has been the most powerful story. I tried to look for it on the internet but could not find it. I am sharing what I recollect.


This is a story of a school teacher from a small place. Teaching was his job and he was doing it dutifully. He was an ordinary teacher, teaching ordinary students, using ordinary teaching methods. There was nothing exceptional that one could speak about this person.

One night, this teacher dreamt an Angel approaching him. The Angel came near him and said, “Do you know, one of your students is going to be a world leader?” Then the Angel held the teacher’s hand and took him to his classroom where all his students had gathered.

The Angel looked at the teacher, pointed his finger to one of his students and said, “This child will become a world leader.” The teacher tried to look at where the Angel was pointing; but before he could see the face of the student, the poor fellow woke up from his dream.

He sat in his bed thinking about the dream. He cursed himself for waking up before he could see this student’s face. He couldn’t even remember whether it was a boy or a girl. He could not sleep the whole night. He was now determined to find out this brat.

He went to his class the next day fully prepared to find this future global leader. Throughout the period, he was looking at each face to check if it showed any signs of global leadership. After the class was over, he went to the door and stood there and asked the students to go out of the class in a single file; so that he could scrutinize each of them closely. To his dismay, each one looked like a possible global leader.

He was frustrated. He did not know what to do next. He repeated the exercise the next day looking at each student to do a recheck.

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