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How to Become a Master of Your Emotions in the Hiring Process

By | Michelle Laurey

If you are in charge of recruiting, you’re probably familiar with the pressure to find the right candidate within a very short period of time. More than that, you may feel frazzled by having to reach out to numerous applicants, trying to fit interviews into your busy schedule and making a good hiring decision.

With so much pressure and stress to deal with, it can be difficult to make an informed, unbiased decision. Additionally, you may even come off as rude or snippy to applicants. This could cause someone who may be perfect for the position to feel intimidated and perform poorly. These outcomes you certainly want to avoid, and you can achieve that by taming your emotions throughout the process of hiring.

Fighting Stress as a Team
Your company and all employees who may work with the new hire will benefit from you making the right hiring decision. Therefore, as a team, all relevant individuals need to foster a relaxed atmosphere and focus on mitigating stress. If necessary, different hiring managers can handle various tasks so that work is divided more evenly. Otherwise, in a smaller office, some other team members may be able to take over non-hiring duties for a short period of time.

There are other ideas to consider as well. For example, stress management training may be used in-house, and this could actually be offered to all employees as a benefit or perk. The company could also hire a psychologist to meet with hiring managers every couple of weeks or when needed.

It All Starts at Home
While a significant portion of stress that you feel may be generated from work, remember that personal stress factors can also affect how you feel at work. When you are relaxed and peaceful at home, you are better able to manage professional stressors. It can be helpful to identify what is causing you to feel tense at home and find a resolution to deal with that effectively.

There are numerous ways to fight stress. For example, you could do yoga or meditate. Reading a book or taking a long walk each evening may also reduce your stress level. You should decorate your bedroom with relaxation and serenity in mind: you should be able to completely let go off negative emotions there and get a good night’s sleep. When you feel refreshed every morning, it is easier to remain positive throughout the day. Try to separate work from your personal life so that stress factors from each location do not feed on each other.

Interview Time
When you feel more relaxed, you will be in a better frame of mind for interviewing candidates professionally and courteously, but also for making a smart decision about which applicant to hire. A good idea is to ask each potential interviewee to complete a competency or skills assessment test. This will help you to weed out candidates who simply are not qualified.

During the interview, focus on body language and tone so that you can learn more about their character. You also need to focus on these factors to determine how well they may interact in the current office environment. Rather than ask what-if scenario questions, ask about their specific experiences, training, and accomplishments. This will help you to base your decision on hard facts.

While you want to be professional, you should also try to smile and be personable so that the candidate can relax. This will give you a better idea about who they really are in a more natural office situation. Always avoid making opinions based on gender or race. By doing so, you could be eliminating very qualified candidates, and you may face legal issues in some cases. Remember that recruiting software can also be used. This type of software may help you to screen applications, review qualifications and more.

If you feel stressed in between interviews, practice deep breathing techniques, or take a short walk to calm down. You may also open the blinds. Since a little touch of nature may help you to find peace as well, it is a good idea to decorate your office with live plants.

Keep Calm and Recruit Away

Staying calm and objective through all stages of the hiring process is critical if you want to attract the right talent and make a savvy hiring decision that will benefit the company. Because stress can impair your ability to do so, focus your attention on these important points to enjoy the best results.

Author Bio:

Michelle Laurey is a freelance writer who enjoys fitness, relaxing in the fresh air, trying to live a healthy life and daydreaming about visiting new places (and actually visiting them). Her best ideas and problem solutions appear while she’s riding her bicycle. You can reach her via Twitter.


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