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Before You Say ‘Yes’ and Overcommit Again, Ask Yourself 5 Questions

It's so easy to get overloaded, but the truth is we often do it to ourselves

Source | | SCOTT MAUTZ

Somewhere along the line, overwhelmingly busy became the new black, what’s on trend and bragworthy. Being inundated and exhausted became like a badge of honor at work, a way to compare to others to convince ourselves that we’re doing all we can with the time we have.

All too often, we see this state as something that’s happening to us. More priorities at work, do more with less, have to keep up with our co-workers and keep pace at home and in the community. But the more we take on the less we actually accomplish at work (and in life).

It’s a choice. Most often your choice.

The easy thing is to do everything. No one loves saying “no.” But being discerning is the skill to develop if you hope to have any sense of balance in your life. Having coached hundreds and hundreds of people over the years on achieving success, peak performance, and yes, happiness, I can offer help.

Being hard on your work is hard work, but here are five powerful questions to pause and ask yourself before you commit to that new opportunity/responsibility/task/time-suck being presented to you. So before you sign-up, self-inquiry.

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