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Beginner’s Guide on How to Create the Best Meme Videos

By | Zachary Weiner

Memes not only entertain us and make us laugh, but also communicate a message. Take it as a lighter way of conveying a message. In today’s social media landscape, sharing the facts plainly won’t do much in marketing your business. People want a bit of humor and laughter at the end of the day. So, what better way to give them this than through the use of a meme video? Memes are not a reserve of social media influencers and comedians alone. These days, even big name brands, mostly corporate ones, are using meme videos to their advantage. Are you wondering how you can incorporate this into your marketing campaign? Well, for starters, try this tool to use a video maker in creating a meme video today.

When you want your meme to go viral, you have to put a lot into creating it. Although every meme creation is different and unique, here’s a standard process that has worked for many internet stars:


Yes, it might seem all ridiculous to carry out research on a video that’s merely for fun and laughter. But this is a procedure or step that you need to go over. For a start, go through the memes that have become viral on social media. As you go through them, list the most recent ones against the old ones. Concentrate more on the recent ones as you attempt to get inspiration from all of them.

As you do your research, you also need to watch out for trends. That is why you need to keep yourself current with the latest news, pop culture, and other happenings around you. Social media is a great place to identify the latest trends taking place within the entertainment sector. Take notes of the funniest memes that get the most recognition.

Also, it would be best to choose a subject that you can easily relate to. For instance, if sporting isn’t your forte, then it can be hard to relate to memes or create memes under this sector. If at all you’re unsure of your target subject, then cute animals and notable personalities are great choices to make.

Use a Quality Video Maker to Create the Meme

Whenever you want to create a quality meme video, you also have to go for the best video maker software. A good one even has ready meme templates that you can use to reach out to your audience.

You can either use materials that are already present online, or opt to come up with your creative content. When creating memes using a video maker, you need to note that attention spans are pretty limited. The average internet user will skip your meme video if it’s too long. Thus, it would be best to cut out the unnecessary parts of the video before sharing. Your language should also be simple and memorable for the audience. Also, you need to ensure that your visuals match the type of sentiment that you want to share in the memes. And here, a video maker can help you a great deal.

Find the Right Tools

There are several meme generator sites that you can use to come up with memes for your social media followers. Some recycle the ones already on the internet, while others come up with new ones. In some cases, other meme generators even permit you to upload your own videos so that you can use them as a basis for the meme. A video maker is in addition a great tool that you should have in your arsenal. It will help you in the creation of intriguing content.

Create the Meme Video

Once you have the video ready, now is the time to modify it and create a funny meme, right before you can share it to the masses. This is perhaps the most difficult part, as it needs some substantial levels of creativity. Nonetheless, you can seek more inspiration from a video maker with different meme templates for you.

Share the Meme Video

Finally, once you have finished creating the meme video, you will need to find a way of sharing it with the right audience. Remember that the social media platform that you choose to use will determine how much the video spreads. Sites like Instagram and Facebook have the potential to advance your meme videos to a whole other level. In case you’re creating a little longer videos, then it would be best to use YouTube instead. You can even combine all three sites for the best results in your meme video. You can’t really realize the magic that a meme possesses until you share it. It is not strange to discover thereafter that your meme has the potential to be viral.

Final Thoughts

A successful meme is the one with a large audience or many viewers. You’re not any different from the people who made a very funny meme. You can also do the same using a video maker software.

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