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Being a great boss means prioritizing your team. Here are 5 ways you can inspire your employees to be more productive and engaged

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Are your employees reaching their potential at work? The answer is probably no. According to a Gallup study, 53% of workers are “not engaged” at work, which basically means employees are showing up but aren’t excited to be at work and are ready to jump ship as soon as a better job offer comes along. 

That’s where leadership comes in. A leader wears many hats but the most important role might be the role of CEO, (i.e. the Chief Engagement Officer) because it’s every leader’s responsibility to ensure that staff are engaged and productive.

Engagement really comes down to five elements and if you master these, you’ll be on the right track for creating a more engaged culture:


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Help your team succeed, 

Effective management is about getting out of the way and enabling the team to succeed. That requires empowering your folks so that they can innovate freely. Most employees appreciate when leaders trust and empower them to do their work. 

It doesn’t mean ceding your role as a leader, it’s about providing guidance and direction so they can win. Empowerment at its core is coaching and development.

As leaders, you create the vision you expect to see, define the boundaries and empower the team to color within those lines. This creates a pathway for independent approach but leaves the doorway open for your team to consult with the leader to ensure they are moving in the right or wrong direction.

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