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Belonging At Work Is Essential—Here Are 4 Ways To Foster It

Source | | Rebecca Fraser-Thill

In the complex study of human psychology, one finding is remarkably consistent: our well-being rests squarely on our connection to others.

When we feel like we belong, we experience meaning, life satisfaction, physical health and psychological stability. When we feel excluded, physical pain and a wide range of psychological ailments result.

The Costs of Workplace Exclusion

While we may be tempted to think that belonging only matters in our personal lives, research released today by leadership development startup BetterUp makes it clear that workplace belonging is vital for employee well-being and organizational functioning.

Based on a nationwide survey of nearly 1,800 full-time workers, BetterUp found:

  • Employees with a high sense of belonging take 75% fewer sick days than employees who feel excluded. These sick days equate to almost $2.5 million worth of lost productivity each year, per 10,000 workers.
  • Excluded employees have a 50% higher rate of turnover than employees who feel they belong, costing organizations about $10 million annually per 10,000 employees.

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