Benefits Of A Lenient Work-From-Home Policy

Source | Forbes.com  |  BY: Greg Cruikshank , CEO LabRoots

When it comes to debating a work-from-home policy, there are two schools of thought on the subject. While one group believes employees will abuse the system and productivity will be lost, the other believes that workers will be happier, healthier and therefore more productive during working hours. A study by Stanford economics professor Nicholas A. Bloom and Stanford graduate student James Liang suggests that when employees are given the opportunity to work from home, productivity increases and stress decreases.

There are some key factors to consider when deciding on a work-from-home policy. Working from home removes the commute from employees’ mornings. People who commute to work inevitably waste time in the car driving to an office building and sitting in traffic as part of their workday. This means once they arrive at the office, in their minds they have been working for the last hour. Working from home means that employees wake up and are instantly tuned in to work. No time is wasted on the commute so employees can dive right into their work instead.


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