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Benefits of Using Audio Visual Technology in Your Trade Show Booth in NYC this Year

By | Lisa Alther

New York is one of the most famous cities in the country. Known as the Big Apple, NYC is famed for its remarkable fashion, entertainment, art, and corporate industries. This fast-paced city is mainly a haven for international businesses. Its ability to draw mega crowds has seen it become the number one choice for countless corporate conferences, trade shows, and other corporate events.

If you’re planning on participating in any trade show happening in New York this year, work on standing out. An easy way to do so is to incorporate audiovisual technology using AV rentals in NYC. Read on to see some of the benefits you get by using AV technology in your trade show booth in NYC this year.

Audio Visual Tech Enables You to Engage Prospects without Intruding

In today’s age of information, the modern customer no longer attends corporate events and trade show exhibitions with the intent to make a purchase. They attend these events to conduct research, gauge industry market trends and discover any innovations that may benefit their businesses. Thus, there’s a high chance they’ll walk out of the trade show without purchasing anything. However, they’ll have gathered information on the products and businesses that are of relevance to their entity or industry and may contact the related parties.

What does this have to do with AV technology? Well, since they have no purchasing objectives, most trade show attendees will avoid most exhibition booths. This is because they don’t want to find themselves in a high-pressure sales situation. By using audiovisual technology to deliver engaging video content, you appeal to such prospects as they get to see and learn about what you offer in a non-invasive manner. This opens the door for potential customers or even stakeholders. How? If your product or service benefits their industry or business, they’ll take your details and contact later. They may also make a purchase there and then.

Conversation Starter

Trade shows and expos are an incredibly effective way to market your brand and introduce new products and services to the market. And this is especially true for a city like New York where such events attract multitudes of prospects. However, note, getting visitors to come to your booth is often easier said than done. For instance, most attendees will often avoid exhibition booths they feel will put them in an uncomfortable situation.

By using projectors, LCD screens, and other audiovisual devices from AV rentals in NYC to give a demo of your products, you offer such visitors a good enough reason to come into your stand.

Once people watch the demos, they’ll likely have more questions about your product, and will now be more willing to talk to you or your staff than they were before they entered your booth. This creates an opportunity for you to market your brand, tell them more about your other products, and even turn prospects into actual clients and partners.

Affordable Marketing

The best part of using audiovisual technology to make your booth stand out is that you don’t need to invest in any equipment. You can always rent what you need from AV rentals in NYC, like:

  • LED screens
  • Projectors
  • Tablets
  • Speakers
  • iPads on iPad display stands

The product demos and other engaging video content you use at the exhibition can be reused in future business promos, as well as trade shows in New York.

Trade shows and expos, especially in a business-hub like NYC; attract myriads of prospects from all over the country. If done well, an exhibition not only offers an opportunity to market yourself but create new clients and expands your network. Using the latest audiovisual technology from AV rentals in NYC is one way to keep prospects coming to your stand.


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