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Best Countries to Start a Career

Young adults weighed in on their perceptions of a country's job market, livability and more

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The Top Countries for Starting a Career

The global labor force had been climbing steadily until 2020, when it saw a steep decline amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, however, the labor force rebounded strongly. Data posted by the World Bank depicts a workforce of 3.45 billion that year, just shy of the 3.46 billion in 2019 – a potentially encouraging sign for young adults looking to start a career.

A companion to the overall 2022 Best Countries rankings from U.S. News, the 2022 Best Countries to Start a Career rankings are drawn from a global survey of more than 17,000 people and highlight countries according to their perception among more than 7,400 respondents aged 35 and under. The list is based on respondents’ association of various countries with seven particular attributes: a good job market, economically stable, entrepreneurial, income equality, innovative, is a place I would live and progressive.

See the countries considered the best for starting a career below.

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