Guest AuthorPavan Soni

Best of 2019

By | Dr Pavan Soni | IIM-B Innovation Evangelist

Though the New Year did not have the best possible start, with tensions mounting in the Middle East, bush fires down under, and continuing agitations across India, you might still find solace in looking at the year gone by. Here is a humble attempt in sharing with you the informative and inspiring from across the domains of innovation, creativity, technology and strategy. Since 2008, this practice has helped me keep pace with the progress in the field, and help retain meaningful connect with other curious souls. 
You can pick up your favourite from the list and start reading. 
I hope you find the effort worth your time and attention. 
Wish you a resilient 2020. 
Innovation management
Personal creativity
Leadership and Change
Design Thinking
Innovation Culture 
Data and AI
Brain, evolution and thinking
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